TIGER 3: Dull plot but excellent action scenes make it worth watching!


Sharada Iyer

YRF’s Diwali release Tiger 3, starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in their usual roles as a RAW agent and an ISI agent respectively, is packed with very-well choreographed and thrilling action sequences which keep the viewer glued to the screens. In fact, the concentration is so much on the action scenes that it looks like the writers just interspersed some banal screenplay as fillers between the various action scenes! This is the third instalment in their Tiger series after Ek Tha Tiger (2012) and Tiger Zinda Hai (2017).

Though it is an out and out Salman Khan film catering to his fans, this time the scene stealer is Katrina Kaif who is so good in her action-avatar that it is her fight sequences that form the highlight of the film. It was director Kabir Khan who presented her in this unique image in the first film of the franchise-Ek Tha Tiger. Here, director Maneesh Sharma takes it up several notches higher and she puts up a very convincing act with her effortlessness and such a role suits her personality as well. Hope the directors cast her more in this kind of thriller films.

There is an engaging action scene between Salman and Katrina which involves a motor-cycle chase and hand to hand combat as well. There is another unique fight sequence inside a ‘Hammam’ where Katrina and her Chinese rival fight in their bath towels, probably the first of its kind to be seen in Hindi cinema. This one is very fast-paced and a real treat to watch! In one of the climax scenes just watch her shoot the traitor of the group right through his forehead with so much pizzazz and confidence!

Coming to the story, this time it is an unbelievably weird plot where a RAW agent from India-Salman Khan, is trying to save Pakistan from losing its democratic status and becoming a dictator rule under their own ex-ISI agent- Emran Hashmi, who has gone rogue. During this mission he even gets branded as a traitor yet he risks everything he has to save the neighbouring country because it is his ‘sasural’! Honestly, we need to make stories that go beyond this India-Pakistan stuff and look for new ideas. How long are they going to feed us the same nonsense in various forms and shapes.

Salman Khan is in full form though he does seem a little tired and slower in some scenes as compared to the earlier two films. Surprisingly there are only two songs-one in the beginning which is a soft number and is played in the background and the other is forcibly included during the end-credit scene. Interestingly, actor Emran Hashmi who looks very good and acts very well plays the antagonist and brings in some freshness to the narrative. He gets a good film to show his versatility.

The other major highlight of the film is the entire sequence when Shah Rukh Khan as Pathan, comes to Salman Khan’s rescue, just like Salman had done a special sequence in Pathan to rescue Shah Rukh Khan. The audience clapped crazily for Shah Rukh Khan’s entry. Though highly enjoyable, the sequence seemed a tad long and somehow seemed to be dragging the film unnecessarily. Moreover, in these scenes, instead of being in their characters Pathan and Tiger respectively, they become Shah Rukh and Salman for their fans and play to the gallery to keep up with their on-screen images.

The narrative has scope to take us to many countries around the world and there are action sequences galore in every city. The action choreographers, the fight masters and the cinematographers deserve a special applause for making this film a delight to watch in cinema halls. The VFX and other special effects are also good.

The editing could have been tighter especially towards the end as this would have made the film shorter and tauter and made it more gripping. Right in the end, when Salman had the opportunity to kill Emran with a gun, he throws everything just to engage in the typical hand-to hand fight sequence akin to Bollywood of yore which just drags the climax endlessly! Something new at the end would have made it more exciting.

Apparently, YRF is planning to connect Shah Rukh from Pathan, Salman from Tiger and Hrithik from War as part of their Spy-Verse, a universe where their paths may cross and they will come to rescue each other whenever the situation becomes dangerous. This was made evident when a glimpse of Hrithik from War 2 was shown after the end-credits. Maybe there should be a Spy-Verse for our actresses as well- Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif and Taapsee Pannu-all brilliant in action scenes. That would be exciting and novel to watch!!!

Whether Tiger 3 will be a hit or not remains to be seen depending on all that noise over box-office collections. After the initial brouhaha, the ticket sales during the weekdays will make or break the film. Why the makers decided to release on a Sunday instead of the usual Friday we do not know! I watched the first day first show and the cinema hall was filled to only 40% capacity. The other surprising thing was many people walked out after Shah Rukh Khan’s role got over!!!

The earlier craze among fans for their stars is starting to fade… Shah Rukh Khan took a long break and made a comeback changing his avatar from a romantic hero to an action hero. So far, he has been fortunate as both his films this year have done extremely well. Aamir Khan seems to have given up the fight. Salman Khan after a string of flops is banking on this film in a big way. Will he be able to salvage his postion? Will a time come when these stars will do away with this kind of box-office tension and have the guts to shed their on-screen images to play characters which will give them scope to showcase their acting?

Well, for now, those interested in some thrills without gore, Tiger 3 will keep you hooked on to your seats! The film is good time-pass and a one-time watch!






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